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When you decide to take out a car title loan it’s important to be informed about the process so you know what to expect. Take a look at some of the questions we hear a lot to get yourself up to speed.

What is the difference between a car title loan and an auto title loan and how do they work?

A car or auto title loan are the same thing. It is a short term , secured loan, that uses the client’s car as collateral to secure the instant cash loan.

How do I apply for a car title loan?

for a car title loan in victorville you can apply for a car title loan online. We have a simple, easy to navigate application form that will take your only a few minutes to complete. Our professional staff are available on (760) 206-4387 if you have any questions throughout the process.

What does my loan approval depend on?

With a car title loan in victorville your approval is based on 3 things: The amount of cash that you need, the value of your car, which is evaluated by our team according to your car’s make and model, and the last thing is your ability to make the loan repayments.

How much cash can I expect to be approved?

The cash sum is determined based on the value of your car. We approve loans from between $2600-$20,000.

Will my credit score impact on my loan approval?

No. for a car title loan we don’t ask for your credit information. Your car secures your cash loan for you which eliminates any reason for us to run a credit check in order for you loan to be approved.

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